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Color Cuts


In this series, her latest to date, Alexandra Zuckerman applied soft pastel on sheets of paper, creating a seemingly uniform, vividly colored surface. Resembling silkscreen prints, the works appear to be the result of a mechanical process, while they were in fact produced through painstaking manual work. Each panel has its own rich and varied hue and unique “cut,” and neighboring works affect one another.

The shapes, inspired by “pattern cutting” and sometimes created with the help of Burda models, reference the process in the fashion industry of turning a design into a piece of fabric that is cut and ready to be sewn. Exhibiting a tension between the colored and white sections of the page, the works are both abstract and highly tactile.

Zuckerman’s conceptual yet material approach belongs within the nonfigurative legacy, resonating with works by artists associated with Minimalism, such as Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Carmen Herrera and Agnes Martin.

Scans: Kook Studio

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